Bird Names

Unsound Records artist: Bird Names

This energetic Chicago-based outfit has all the guts needed to make sweetest gravy. Psychedelic sounds and creative hearts. The newest transplant to our dirt, we will be watering them and trying to make sure they get much light throughout the oncoming passage of time.


Unsound Records artist: Bronze

Bronze describe their own sound as coming "from a Parallel Pink Noir Universe where dew eyed lovers dance and heartbreak is literally a crime." A host of talented players from the exploding Chicago rock scene led by Dylan Ryan and Scott McGaughey, the group varies in size from five to eighteen.


Unsound Records artist: Eaglekin

Eaglekin are based in Portland, OR. They recently finished recording their first album, aptly named "Eaglekin," and will be promulgating it for all humanity to enjoy throughout the ages of the future.


Unsound Records artist: Hanner

Hanner wields happy, mysterious, sad notes of power folk to engage your deepest desires and disgorge your utmost fires. Her tales spin us from New York to the Northwest via the trials of a goofy soul, wending towards some dark and warm conclusion.

The Diminisher

Unsound Records artist: The Diminisher

The Diminisher is psychedelic rock with a hardcore ensemble twist: harpsichord, strings, and horns collide with full-on rock drums and bass laid down by Chicago assassins Dylan Ryan [Michael Columbia] and Griffin Rodriguez [Icy Demons] in a hand-made mash-up of sounds.

The Pages

Unsound Records artist: The Pages

The Pages skiffle-punched their way into many hearts with their first release, "Creatures of the Earth." Countryfied rock songs with a unique psychedelic twist make our first record ever released still a favorite.