Unsound Records


Bronze is Dylan Ryan and Scott McGaughey. On a blustery Chicago night in 2003, the pair was forcibly removed from a local social occasion. Their crime? Playing the Doobie Brothers on the hi fi. They resigned themselves to McGaughey’s apartment and began writing their cult classic “Calypso Shakedown.” For all those with the same seemingly unrequited love of Steely Dan, Daryl Hall & John Oates, there was now a home. Armed with only a Wurlitzer and four track, songs were demoed over the next year and a half with keyboard and all other parts sung. Tracking the record eventually happened with Griffin Rodriguez (Icy Demons) and the lads tapped all of their friends, including Tomeka Reid & the horn section of Wilco to create a parallel pink noir universe where heartbreak is literally a crime. Since the release of their debut album on Unsound Records, these songs have been showcased in a slew of films and television shows, most recently Sean Baker’s “The Florida Project” and “Sorry For Your Loss.”