Unsound Records


by Eaglekin


Introducing Eaglekin. Pathos hath no hold on them - they are powered by food and drink and the love of their fellow creatures. Unsound Records is overjoyed to present this collection detailing their unique crafstmanship. This self-titled debut is a capturing of some of their favorite sounds. Herein are:

  • Two songs about a cat (Grandpaw, or “G-paw”) who died
  • A song about a colony of humans living on the moon
  • A song literally about explosions
  • A song that touches on the lives of trees
  • A song of “the Plebelands"
  • An instrumental psychedelic klezmer romp
  • A song about the reincarnation of human beings
  • The shadowy confines of the soul

Eaglekin is Gabe Blair (guitar, vocal), Joe Ryckebosch (drum and cymbal), and Lucas Thurston (bass). This album was recorded in the wee span of ten days, thanks in large part to the technical and creative wizardry of Jason Powers, engineer at Type Foundry in Portland. The band was augmented by a fresh selection of local auxilliary players - Mac Martine (Axton Kinkaid): pedal steel; Cory Gray (Carcrashlander, Desert City Soundtrack): piano and trumpet; Willie Matheis: tenor saxophone; and Johanna Wright (Hanner): backing vocals.